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  • 303 HXP Chrono

    not many 303 shooters here but i'll put this up anyway . i've found a source .

    didnt have time too chrono all of it (got '69 , '70 ,'71 ,'73 ,'75) just set a big piece of cardboard out @550 yards and fired off my elbows , on the bench , 10 rounds of the HXP . headstamped HXP/'71 . my bore was stripped clean and the chrono #s reflect this . VEL@15ft. , 55degF windy but trees blocking the wind , i put every round on the big (2'x 3')cardboard right at POA , about 9"/10" for 6 ( blew 3 shots lower and one really low my fault).

    this ammo is from the guy that has thousands and thousands :

    HXP/ '71 MK7z

    1) 2379fps
    2) 2415
    3) 2438
    4) 2460
    5) 2447
    6) 2459
    7) 2464
    8) 2457
    9) 2442


    the bullet is 1.215" LOA , nose length 0.800" / .312" at the widest , 8s - tangent radius ogive .

    the BC of the HXP mk7 and L1A1 ball is .257 G6 @2400fps . @2500fps , .260 G6 . neither have the MK7 fiber or aluminum tip and penetrate materials same as 762x51 LCB . no fast yaw in meat like the light-tip MK7 . the L1A1 bullet has a thicker jacket is all .

    the MK7s' with aluminum tips give as little as HALF the penetration of sheetmetal as the others . the aluminum seems to act like a cushion or pad .

    HXP/ '89 L1A1 from a couple years ago @80+ deg. F.
    AVE. ___2471fps
    HIGH ___2497

    i believe the same thing happend here , clean barrel = lowered vel. for a couple shots .

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    I had a couple thousand rounds, long ago shot up, now. Reloabable. Good stuff. Greek manufacture if I remember right. Please tell me where I can buy it now..Please, oh, please.


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      i may have stumbled into a motherload of it

      its dang near good as the highly brass-preped loads i made with Hornady HP-BTs .


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        Oh great Ka-huna of HXP 303; Please share your wisdom and blessings with the less fortunate (or at least with ME!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Yoda -
          Don't be posting like this unless you are willing to share sources with your less fortunate brethern.. All it does is make us envious...(I'm down to my last 1000rds or so for my Mk1 and Mk4, and I just bought a Winchester '95 in .303 Brit


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            Originally posted by 0007:
            Yoda -
            Don't be posting like this unless you are willing to share sources with your less fortunate brethern.. All it does is make us envious...
            Originally posted by 0007:
            I just bought a Winchester '95 in .303 Brit
            now who do you think is envious of who here

            truly , i will share the source if i cant work a deal on ALL of it .


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              It went well with the 38-72 I bought at the same time...<$850 into both, so I have plenty left over to relieve you of some of the burden of buying all that .303 yourself, hee,hee,hee... Besides my need is greater. I'll need to feed the semi-Bren I'm working on.