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7.62x39,good deal???

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  • 7.62x39,good deal???

    I'd rather have FMJ ammo,but this appears to be one heck of a deal.Anyone heard of this stuff before??
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    That is a fair deal even with shipping, though it's HP.
    Good spray or plinking ammo.

    I suspect anyone caught with a large cache of the lacquered when the other non-lacqured wolf becomes widely available will be dropping prices even more.
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      a double deal


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        That's a decent price, and Ulyanskov is not at all bad ammo. I'd rank it about the same as Wolf, which I rate below Barnaul only because Barnaul seems a bit cleaner burning.

        I've shot several thousand of each, and wouldn't hesitate to buy any of the three if they were that cheap.

        In point of fact, I just might need another case!
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          here is my chrono data from a year ago ;


          the listed velocity of 2330fps for Uly seems to be for a 20" barrel . from an SKS it aveeraged 2345fps . i've heard a similar number quoted for the Uly FMJ out of the tins from SKS .


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            Yep... this is not bad ammo... in a pinch...or even not in a pinch this is not bad ammo to use. I have been to the plant before... and have shot on their range. Would I rate it above just a wee bit below. You are is a bit cleaner and there seems to be a little more attention to detail...but they are coming along nicely.
            So I rate it above Wolf...yes... for sure.



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              Love the stuff. Functions well in both my AK47 and Ruger Mini30. Have downed a few hogs with the stuff, excellant performance.