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7.62x54R Shipping Weight/AIM Shipping charges

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  • 7.62x54R Shipping Weight/AIM Shipping charges

    Was wondering if anyone knew the shipping weight for the 800rd cases of Czech light ball, and also whether AIM just charges straight UPS shipping costws, or if there is a handling fee too. Looking to pick up several cases, but wondering what it's going to cost me(think that's where any Birthday money will go this year, plus some other cash)

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    I think they charge more than actual shipping.The reason I say this is because when I order from Ammunitionstore shipping is always less & their both in Ohio.But I could be wrong.Call & ask them.Or here's a better idea,Call both places,they both have light ball in stock @ the same price,& get a total price shipped to your door & go with whoever is less.
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      I don't know what they are charging on shipping for the Chech, but see this thread.;t=000294;p=0

      I can find out. I know someone who bought some from them about a month ago.

      Let me ask him, and I'll get back to you. But as you can see from my earlier comments, I'd probably go somewhere else, all other things being equal.

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