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    Want to make a display of the various ammo I shoot but Id like to have each round complete.
    How can I make the powder and primers inert?
    Safety first.

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    Use Kinetic bullet puller to pull bullet, then pour out powder, and dispose of in your chioce(a thinly spread pile on a metal sheet ort concrete will burn, wont' cause an explosion. Be VERY careful doing this though,it is ingunpowder.

    THen to deal with the primer, two alternatives I've used in past for my 7.62x54R collection. #1 is the easiest, just slap the primed brass in a gun, and pull trigger. Primer ignites, there's no powder or bullet, so you work action and pull out brass with your regular dead primer. Other option is to pour WD40 in there. Let it soak a day or two, and primer will be inert.


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      You're not supposed to just glue rounds down onto a 2x4? [img]smile.gif[/img]

      Are you going to polish up the brass and round before it gets put on display? Be sure to post pics when you are done!


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        WD-40 will not work! US primers have foil over the primer compound to seal it and forgien pimers have a laquer sealer. If the WD-40 does manage to get into the primer compound as the kerosene carrier evaporates the primer will be live again.
        Fire the brass in you gun after pulling the bullet and dumping the powder. Gun powder has a very high nitrogen content and makes great fertalizer for your lawn. Your best bet is to find someone that reloads as they will have the tools needed to pull the bullets and reseat them.


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          Not sure how lacquer sealer over the primer pocket keeps WD40 from getting in through flash hole(my instructions meant to spray WD40 in mouth of case). Never seen any sealer in any of the x54R that I"ve opened over the flash holes, would give possibility of interfering with ingnition.

          THat being said, figured I'd come back and mention that if your'e one of htose nutty survivalists, might consider leaving the rounds live. I know that's what I've done. Besides being a nut, I'm also poor, and some of these rounds get rahter expensive, so personally I try to keep them usable if possible. The few exceptions on my shelf now still have live primers, just need powder readded(pulled powder to check if they were berdan or boxer primed).

          Just a thought.