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12 guage ammo?I haven't got a clue.

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  • 12 guage ammo?I haven't got a clue.

    What do you use for defensive ammo?00Buck?
    Also can slugs be used in smooth barells?
    Now I'm seeing 00,000 & #4 Federal Tactical Buckshot high energy-low recoil rounds.Are these worth the extra bucks??

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    I am using 00 Buck and it was extremely cheap at local shows. A case (200 rounds) was $53.00 for 00 Buck Sellier & Belloit.

    I have not used and low recoil rounds.

    Slugs can be used in a smooth barrel shotgun but do not expect much accuracy unless the you use the slugs that have fins on them to induce the slug into turning.


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      Brenneke rifled slugs are pretty accurate in my smooth bores. Good enough for the ranges intended, at least.


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        Brenneke are excellent Hunting slugs! Especially the old hunters here in Germany and Europe use the Brenneke really successfully!


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          I have picked up Rem low recoil slugs at Galynas for $1.99/5. They show acceptable accuracy from my 590, around 4-5" at 80 yards. I use full power 00 buck, but the low recoil does have advantages, as the typical range buck would be used at is under 25-30 yards, and with shorter barrel shotguns (18-20") the spread beyond this range tends to have opened to the point that faster shot will have dispersed to the point that the velocity is less effective. The tactical shot is designed to hold tighter patterns, even out of short defense barrels.

          For slugs, the brenneke types are great. I shoot Fiocchi Aeroslugs and they will stay around 2-3" out of my Mossy 20" smoothbore at 80 yards. I can easily shoot one(big) hole groups at 50 yards. The Rottwiel slugs are great too, but I bought the Aeroslugs for 200 for $59 or so.


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              Smooth bores will do fine with slugs at indoor ranges ( I can hit a stop sign sized gong at 100 yards with one, never tried further or paper ).

              I like single ought buck '0' for home defense rounds and magnum slugs.

              Low recoil? ain't my style... atleast not for another 10-15 years...