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762x39 penetrators

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  • 762x39 penetrators

    If legal to do so, what do you think the feasability of drilling hp and inserting roller bearings from auto U-joints?

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    Read this first before you do anything.


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      More suited to the AMMO forum.

      Also they should be able to give you a better answer on the legality of it... I don't think it would be legal, but I'd need to re-read the laws... it might be for private use but not for resale... either way, Moving to AMMO...


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        Legality is kinda iffy on this as far as I know.
        Someone else can chime in on that.

        SAFETY...when you go changing a projectile into something it wasn't cast're playing with fire.

        I've heard of ammo being drilled and in one case, the lead and jacket separated IN THE BARREL.
        You could probably get away with putting something in the nose of a hollow point as long as it wasn't altered.
        THEN...if you used it for self protection, you could be in a world of trouble. IMO.
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          I was involved in some experiments with adding a small ball bearing to some HP pistol ammo a few years ago.

          The conclusions we reached were these:

          1. It doesn't seem to contribute anything to the expansion of the round, and doesn't do any additional penetration on it's own.

          2. It has a fairly serious negative effect on the accuracy of the rounds.

          Between items 1 and 2, we concluded that it wasn't worth wasting time on, regardless of any legality issues.

          And it should be noted that what TheMrMitch says about the advisibility of drilling into bullets is, to my knowledge, 100% correct.

          But even if it doesn't get you in legal trouble or cause your firearm to go KB on you, it still isn't an improvement.
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