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  • 308 norinco

    Just picked up a lou of sealed spam can 308 norinco. Any one have experience with this stuff? Should i open and test, or keep sealed for a rainy day?

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    Hello Ky.Rifleman and welcome!
    I think I'd hold that until someone else chimes in, but I do think it's good ammo. Possibly steel core?

    How much ammo in the can, how much for the can, and where did it come from?

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      I'm sitting on 2 cases of it. It's lead core, copper washed, 2 spam cans per case. It's a tad smokey, slightly corrosive (brown powdery rust in the flash hider holes of an SA-48 next day), and should probably be shot up. It would probably keep just fine for a few more years but there is better stuff out there to store. There should be a half dozen or so M-14 stripper clips in the spam cans as well.
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        Never shot it personally,b ut gave friend the 100rds I had. He said about same as Lee. Whether it's worth keeping is up to you, good surplkus/cheap ferrin stuff of any kind seems to be running low, and we're about at the end of big gobs of surplus, because there simply aren't many(if any) countries left phasing out .308 service rifles. And what countries might be left probably aren't countries you want ammo form anyways. [img]smile.gif[/img]

        Now if Wolf would get their act together and start cranking out .308 at a reasonable price and in enough quantities, or Barnaul, we'd all be happier.


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          I have about 3k rds I bought 5 yrs ago. It shoots great from my FAL's.
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            fyi. its accurate fodder but i found at least 2 split cases out of 50 when i ran it through a dsa
            fal carbine.


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              The stuff I have- seeif this is what we are talking about- came in 330 round tins, copperwashed. Never checked to see if steel cored. THis was used inthe testing of the Vollmer 21's. real soft inthe recoil department. RAn well in Fals but nothing like Port. Ran some through my 42 and throughly maimed the cases but it did fire OK. If I can find some other 308 that is selaed as well I would belt this stuff up and shoot it and save the other kind-just haven't run across another type recently that I can recall.

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                if it is that steel cased ammo in white packs of 50 rounds then run, run away screaming..I tried a box of it and it`s a PITA, crapcrapcrap.

                Get yourself a few cases of Port, Hirt or Aussie ammo, you will be MUCH happier.


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                  It's not too bad, I'd use it for practice ammo.

                  I've shot a bunch of it when I had a FAL.