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wolf 55gr vs. 62 gr 223

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  • wolf 55gr vs. 62 gr 223

    Is there any real difference in these to loads out of a 1/7 ar15? My understanding of why the 62gr green tip ammo is supposed to shoot better out of the 1/7 twist was due to the projectile being longer because of the steel insert in the bullet. Is the 62gr NON projectile core ammo that wolf and others sell any real benifit to this twist rate? I also noticed that the 55gr is labelled as boattailed where the 62 is not. If I had a bullet puller I would look for myself but I don't

    thanks for any help

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    First: Welcome to AW, hcore!

    Second: Wolf is very good plinking ammo and really not the best for precision I understand it the 62gr being a little heavier will be more stable.

    For the nitty gritty differences...?
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      Now that that is out of the way, I shoot 55gr. Wolf almost exclusively thru my post-ban 20" A2. It has a 1/7 twist, but the other AR's in the family have 1/9 and 1/12. It shoots fine in all of them, certainly "minute-of-gong" accurate.

      My understanding of why the Army went with 1/7 had to do with the extremely long M856 tracer round, not the M855 green tip ball round. Thought I have not pulled a tracer and compared it to a ball projectile, I have read that the tracer's length made it hard to stabilize in a slower twist barrel.

      Have a set of Vice-Grips?? That's what I've used to pull bullets before, and the tooth marks the jaws leave won't be at the back of the bullet, so you can check on if they are boattail or not.

      ......And I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, too.......


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        thanks for the help


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          anything new about the wolf ammo in 62 gr? any chrono reports?