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  • ? Brown Bear

    Anybody ever had any bad experiences with this ammo? Hope not just bought a thousand round....

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    Any particular flavor?
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      My 3 cases of Brown Bear 7.62x39mm is made by Klimov.

      Out of the 3 cases, I have 4 rds that is out of spec ! it will not feed into my AK! I had a few to test is out ! So! I am very sure it is not the rifle.

      As for the 9mm Brown bear ! it works great!

      Brownbear do not seem to produce any products , make sure you see who the manufacturer is.



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        I've got the7.62x39 flavor 123 grain FMJ with lacouered steel case..


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          davechng the only thing i found on mine is JSC Barnaul machine-tool plant russia....


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            YEah ! brown bear is just a importing company! they get it from Banual, Klimov,Ulyanovsk. I like the bAnual much better than the other 2 .



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              Brown Bear is made currently at Barnaul Machine Tool Plant. It was for a short while made in Klimovsk... but... things change in Russia fast...and often.



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                yup , BB is only a consortiem / trade name put together by ZANDERS sporting goods with several russian companies .

                just picked up a box each of Brown Bear 123grn SP and FMJ made by BARNAUL for testing . they are the same as in the Barnaul labeled boxes .
                Barnaul makes the only closedbase/open tip jacketed softpoint and hollowpoint bullets from russia in 762x39 . why i particularly wanted to test these .

                the first batch of plain-label Barnaul to come over from russia was the most accurate 762x39 ammo i ever tested . frighteningly accurate , i couldnt believe my eyes .

                6 years later , it soured becoming awefull and dangerous ammo allthough stored in airconditioned comfort .

                just something to BEWARE of with any of these made-for-the-commercial-market russian ammo brands .


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                  Really? How so? What was it like after 6 years?
                  Man, you gove my curiosity piqued!



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                    i've been warning about the quick deterioration of russian commercial ammo for about a couple years now . your like the first person to take note of it yasnevo

                    dont plan on keeping them long-term (3 to 5 years or more) unless you pull a little out now and then to chrono

                    like i posted before , the first Barnaul that came over in the plainboxes w/blue (?) printing was the most accurate/consistant (35fps EX.SPR. , 2335fps AVE.) ammo i ever shot .

                    by 2001 it was crap , 400+ fps EX SPR . one shot went 2500+fps (from an AK) and cycled so hard it hurt MY sholder . thenext shot ? ~2100fps something.

                    stored in airconditioned comfort .

                    [ May 12, 2004, 12:26: Message edited by: Yoda-Dad ]


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                      Damn, I will definately do just that. Also, I will be at the plant next month...and I will bring this up with them...

                      Thanks for bringing this to our attention...



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                        i'm not kiddin yasnevo , that first 500rnd case of Barnaul was scarey , i couldnt believe my eyes . shot several 1.5 inch 3 shot groups @200M off the bench . shot most of it up after installing a siderail / scope at my 8"squ steel swinger @400 and 500M !!!

                        by then , this particular lot/manufacture of B-Brand was long unavailable in my area

                        kept 40rnds back . busted out one box to shoot years later and noticed that 4 shots were scattered around a 2' square paper bullseye target at 200M the next shot hurt my shoulder (its not easy to hurt Yodas shoulder) thats when i broke out the chronograph and learned the ugly truth ... luckely , the bulg was able to absorb the punishment without headspace change .

                        i've since found an old box of Klimovsk HP-BT ammo , the stuff that first became available after the '94ban (for $300 a case :mad: ) / same thing as the B-Brand . spoiled .


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                          Hummmm.... thanks for the input.


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                            How about 62 grain .223? Bought 500 rds yesterday. Should I use this for plinking and get rid of it all or is it storable?


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                              Well . . . .

                              at one of the local steel plate shoot this year a fellow shooter ran out of 7.62x39 so I "lent" him 300 rounds of Wolf.

                              Shooter replaced it during the next shoot with 300 rounds of Brown Bear.

                              In my "steel plate" AK the BB was VERY accurate ! so I thought "must get more of this ! !"

                              However . . .

                              at BF this year I experienced a few failures to feed with Brown Bear. Slide would cycle, but not far enough to pick-up the next round. At first I thought I had a mag problem. Now the AK by this time was VERY dirty but when I switched to Yugo or Wolf the problem went away (I have my mags numbered so I knew which mag I thought was a "problem").

                              Anyway . . for "accurate" shooting at the steel plates shoots I'll use my Yugo from now on.