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  • .50 Beowolf

    Can anyone give me any info or links on this cartridge? GM

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    [ March 10, 2004, 00:00: Message edited by: Floyd ]
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      Thanks Floyd. GM


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        I considered obtaining one of these uppers, but was drawn to the similar Tromix .458 SOCOM for the following reasons:

        1. Tromix would allow a non-dealer to at least view the prices on their web page and did not have a policy of not allowing commerce by a non-dealer.

        2. The .50 Beowulf and the .458 SOCOM both use standard .223 AR-15 magazines, but the Beowulf cartridge, having a larger diameter bullet, requires that the feed lips of the magazine be modified to accommodate the bigger bullet--the .458 SOCOM conversion does not have this problem and unmodified magazines work just fine.

        Not to discourage you from going with the Beowulf, but I thought you might be interested in what my thought processed had been.

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          "Most" (not all) AR mags will feed the Beowulf round without mods. I know, I own one.

          I load for it also.


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            I accidently started the first .458SOCOM upper Group Purchase at ARFCOM @ 2yrs ago. Another one has came up and the price is the same as before at $675.00 shipped to your front door like pizza.

            Dave S


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