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What is the story behind the Indian 308 ammo...

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  • What is the story behind the Indian 308 ammo...

    pic TheMrMitch posted?

    That ammo looks pretty well F*'d up, is that common for Indian ammo?

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    It is for the Indian stuff that's being sold now.

    An honest description of it would not be "ammo". It's reloading components with some disassembly required.

    Century's got it on special for $40 a can this month. If it gets down to about $25, it'd be worth buying to take apart, but I wouldn't get any if I was going to have to shoot it the way it is!
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      the stuff is shite. It wa simproperly stored and badly manufactured. I woul not shoot this shite ant any price. Unless it was someoine elses gun.



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        Since as far as I know the Indian army is still using some FAL's unlike the Aussie's, Brits, and South African military, I am thinking that they may be keeping their good ammo for use and only selling off lots of surplus that have been found to be in too bad of shape to issue to their troops.


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          MrMitch, please provide the details; where purchased, lot #, year of manufacture, etc, etc, etc.


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            OK folks. I posted a pic with the assumption we were mostly aware of the Indian crap going around.
            There are horror tales on many forums about this stuff including K-booms.

            A few dealers got some of this stuff in and foisted it on unknowing purchasers. The dealers themselves may NOT have known at first, but I'm sure they do now as the honest ones will at least try to cull the obviously bad ammo.

            Don't know lot # or any pertinent info per se except it is made about 1998. (Clue: Too new to really be surplus should raise a warning flag).
            Caveat Emptor: If the deal seems too good for late manufactured .308 ammo, then it probably is.

            I had a few inquiries on this ammo which prompted me to post a pic as a locked 'sticky' in order to not detract from the forum posters. The pic will be removed soon, but available should anyone need it. IHTH

            Added: Gonna put up an open sticky to list places to get ammo off the net or otherwise. Start thinking of your favorites and when we have quite a few after the sticky goes up, I'll re-list them neatly and leave at the top of the forum.

            [ March 15, 2004, 09:41: Message edited by: TheMrMitch ]
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              Ask questions when you order any .308 too, as most anything being sold as "NATO .308" right now, without specifying country of origin, and generally selling dirt cheap, is this Indian stuff, and the seller pulled Indian out of the name ion hopes of catchign you unawareees.


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                If it's advertised as being "NATO .308", and it's being sold in "10 round plastic sleeves", it's the Indian stuff.

                Some are advertising it as "sorted", but I have trouble seeing how they can get bad rounds out of a plastic sleeve and still advertise it as being packaged in them.

                But be it noted that at the price, they clearly can't afford to have too much "sorting" done on it, even by minimum wage help.

                So some serious consideration would be recommended if you are thinking about purchasing any of it.
                Alle Kunst ist umsunst Wenn ein Engel auf das Zundloch brunzet (All skill is in vain if an angel pisses down the touch-hole of your musket.) Old German Folk Wisdom.


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                  Oh crap, a a local dealer has been selling a lot of that stuff. Nobody is reporting any serious problems with it though.
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                    do not buy any. it is crap, it jams every 3-5 rounds in my fal that functions 100% with portuguese 308


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                      Nice link for mail order ammo sites.

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                        About the age of the ammo ( 1998 )

                        I purchased some German MEN Match ammo as surplus, the amme is quite new ( manufactured in 1999 ) and my Izzy Mauser LOVES that stuff, ie subMOA at 100yards.

                        But then I would NEVER touch that Indian crap