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7.62x54R bullet weight question

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  • 7.62x54R bullet weight question

    Okay... i need some more ammo and am curios about the 3 following weights and what would be the best in a Excellent condition Russian M38:

    147grn, Lead Core, light ball

    174grn, Steel Core, heavy ball

    185grn, Bimetal core, Boat Tail

    I am not informed as to the rifling of the M38 or the best weight ammo to use... so if you could list in order of best to worst i would be very grateful!!


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    I've had the best success with the light ball.

    I have to suspect that is what they were typically used with, because about 90% of my Mosins were spot on with it out of the box.

    I have had to make some adjustments on some of them, but I've never fired the heavy ball from one that hit to point of aim.

    I've never used the 185 grain stuff, so I can't comment on it, except to note that if the 174g is shooting low, I'd expect that to do so also.

    I did shoot some 200 grain Barnaul soft point, though, and it drops like a rock at about 250 yards.

    I'm figuring on improving my heavy bullet performance by loading my own and beefing it up just a bit, but for factory or surplus stuff, I stay with the light ball.
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      I always staywith lightball on my Moisin M38 and M44. Ether the Hungrian Factory 21 147 grain LPS or the Czech silver tip. I tried the yellow tip heavy ball and it is brutal on the M38.

      ONe thing to note is the Hungarian LPS has a steel jacket , lead tip with steel insert . and it is boat tail. Very accurate 54R ammunition.