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Silver Bear ammo.

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  • Silver Bear ammo.

    I recently ordered some S&B 9mm from AIM & figured I'd try the Silver Bear while I'm at it.I ordered 1 box of 9mm HP 1 box of 9 makarov FMJ & 1 box of .45 FMJ.
    Both boxes of the 9mm ammo look nice,I don't particularly like the silver color but it looks like it was made well.The .45 ammo is zinc plated & looks cheap,as in no quality.Has anyone here tried the Silver Bear stuff?
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    Yep. In 9mm. It works. Thats about all I can say, I dont have a chrono or any fancy gadgetry like that. If it goes bang, and hits what I'm aiming at, then I classify it as "It works". If not, it "Doesnt work".

    Silver Bear works.


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      I've shot their 9x18, .45, and 7.62x39.

      The results were mixed. The 7.62x39 is adequate, at least. I haven't used a lot of it, but all I did shoot went bang and hit where the muzzle was pointing. It works.

      I got some of their 9x18 HP, and it's nicely hot ammo. I don't have a chrono either, but when I can tell the difference between it and Barnaul from the recoil level, it's clearly hot ammo.

      But......The 115g bullets are sized right to the top limit. I've had several problems with it not feeding well from some magazines. It's so wide it hangs up. Between spreading the sides of some magazines and being sure which mags I'm using for it, I solved that one, but it could be an issue for you.

      We were not at all happy with their .45. The conical HP was just too long to feed right. We messed with it in about 6 different pistols, and then gave up and just re-seated all the bullets about .040" deeper.

      That solved the problem, but I'm not happy with having to rework loaded ammo to get it to feed. In fact, I'm not happy about having to rework it for much of any reason, when the problem is that blatant.

      Oh, well. Anyway, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give them about a 6. It'll probably work for you, but you can do as well somewhere else without the problems, at least with the pistol ammo.

      Good luck with it. You might need it!
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        Thanks Jeff.I'm glad I only bought 1 box of the .45.I'm gonna steer clear of this stuff in the future.
        If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not racist, you’ll have to find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.


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          Yeah what Jefferson said.. I bought a case of the 45 hp and the oal is too long on some of the cases.. I am just going to suffer through this case and not buy anymore of it.. I did get a bad case of the 9mm also.. alot of no powder loads. Safe shooting...