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Where can i find some reasonably priced...

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  • Where can i find some reasonably priced...

    7.62x25 for my CZ-52???

    I ordered that bulk pack from AIM but low and behold... 2 months after expected arrival they are still saying... maybe the middle of March. How bloody annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anywhere else have decent prices on this ammo??

    Thanks in advance!


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    J&G has bulgarian suprlus and new S&B

    Centerfire has the S&B.


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      AIM has 1260 rounds of romanian stuff for $109+SH!!

      Its about $4.36 per box of 50 if it ever arrives... i have been getting lots of "hasnt made it through customs yet"

      Does any deal get better than this???



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        yeah, both ones I listed are better because they actually ahve the stuff and are shipping. I'll believe the AIM deal when i see it, they've been claiming that one for a while now.

        Course, local shop has good deal on Bulgy, so haven't looked around too much for online prices.


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          Century has the Bulgarian stuff for $79 and change for an 800 round can.

          And they often have it on special for $69. I'm waiting for them to get this months specials up on their website to find out.

          The stuff has a bad reputation for causing KB's, but I'm not hearing that about this shipment, so I 'spect it was confined to one year's production.

          And that's where I'm headed, if AIM doesn't get theirs in and shipped within a week or so. I got conned out of half of my remaining supply Friday, and am down to 200 rounds, which just won't do.
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            you wanna talk about low supply?! I have 8 rounds of S&B and 10 rounds of incendiary... that a whoppin 18 rounds to my name! LOL

            Thanks for all the input yall!

            I will be checking out the other people if AIM doesnt get their act together!



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              I'm tellin' ya folks...nuttin' wrong with the Century stuff as far as I'm concerned.
              I shoot the heck out of it.
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                Cheaper Than Dirt

                Their price for 7.62x39 was cheaper than most of my wholesalers were.