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  • Russian Wolf!?

    Hey, what do ya'll think of Wolf ammo? I personally think it's fine, but some guys I know won't shoot it. What do you think

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    I've shot a lot of it.

    At least 3K of the 7.62x39...And probably about 4500, but I don't count.

    Plus 1500 of the 9x18, and various lower quantities of .45 and 9mm. I'm not going to say it's my preferred Russian ammo, because I still think Barnaul burns cleaner.

    But it all goes bang when I pull the trigger. And at the price, I won't complain about using a few extra patches.

    I don't own a .223, so I've never used that. Or anything else that isn't an original Russian caliber, excepting the 9mm and the .45, so I can't speak to their U.S. rifle rounds.

    But I wouldn't hesitate to shoot it in anything. A bit dirty, but consistent and fine performing all the way around in my experience.

    FWIW.....And YMMV.
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      wolf .223 fouls up,dirties up ,carbons up and flat out do not run in any FA....utter garbage!


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        Hmmmm. Don't know 'bout it in FAs...but it runs good in my Bushy--AKs--Pistols. Nasty, stinking dirty, but good.
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          I`ve run 2 cases of Wolf .223 thru my RRA and 1 case of .45 thru my Kimber & Springfield with no problem.


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            Ran a half-case of Barnaul .223 once. I had a minor case split, an inverted primer, and a major case rupture. Sure, this was a very shot out M16A1 upper, but it ran with al but Santa Barbra brass cased ammo. By the time the Barnaul was done, it wouldn't run right with anything.

            The Silver Bear .223 HP seems to run OK through other guns. (so far) For the price, I think I can handle it.

            Ran about a case of wolf 9mm through various pistols. Dirty, but it ran fine.
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              I've fired .45 and .223 through my brothers Bushmaster. It's decent ammo, works fairly well. For the price, there is no reason to shoot anything else.


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                  I won't use the .45 anymore, but like the x39. THe .45 was jsut too dirty for my taste, and between reloading, and S&B, not really worth the savings(as it doesn't really work out to savings when I take into account fact I fcan reload the S&B, evne though it's another #4/50, make that up quick reloading it.


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                    We here at Casa Ironhand have shot around 8,000 rounds of their 55gr .223 FMJ thru our various AR's. In this time we have had 1 dead primer. Match ammo, it ain't, but it's good practice ammo. We initially had some problems in oldest daughter's SP-1, which was traced back to a bad extractor spring. Some folks would say " Aha!! Wolf killed her extractor, see??" Keep in mind that it was, in all likelihood, the original spring, in her 1978-era rifle. We also had some loading problems, but replacing mag springs cleaned that issue up, too.

                    I am currently resting my left arm on 3,000 more rounds that came in yesterday from Good folks to deal with!! It's the new polymer coated ammo, but we never had any problems with the old stuff, though. The Wolf t-shirt even fits......

                    If your rifle likes it, buy all you can get your hands on!! If it doesn't, GIVE IT TO ME!!


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                      Run the newer Wolf 223 on FA and it works great. Gets real dirty on the M16, .. Also! tried some od the SAPSAN or Ulyanovsk 223 ammo and it worked great., Couple of cases thru the rifle and it kept on goin until it gets dirty.. However, the cleaning takes more effort!!!

                      at the price, it saves tremendous especially in FA mode!


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                        Shot tons of 7.62x39 (sks) & 223 (ar) witout any problems. Did have a bad batch of 45 auto. One round had no powder and left a bullet in the barrel of the glock. Two more rounds from the same 50rd box split their cases and were stuck really good in a colt government model. My guess is that the batch of ammo is an anomaly.



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                          Forgot to add that I also have some suspicions that the wolf .45 shewed up my feed ramp a little, but could be wrong on that, as must admit I didn't examine it as well as I should have when i first got the gun. But some dings on far left(side opposite ejection port) of feed ramp. Considering only thing I've shot besides the wolf is S&B and relaods, all nice soft brass cases, it's either the Wolf or left over machining work, and doesn't seem quite right for second.


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                            Dirty but runs fine for the price. End result similar to Lake City. Not good for the receiving end.


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                              We had a problem with Wolf's 45ACP load, too. Mama06 had several dead primers and weirdly sized rounds jam up her Sig P220 a few years ago. Her pistol would chamber a round, but jam before it went into battery. The slide would then be jammed, requiring bracing the front of the slide on the bench, and then shoving like heck on the grip to unlock the slide. It happened twice, and I file-13'd the rest before there was a 3rd time!!

                              Their 223 and 762x39 are both outstanding ammo, though! I have read that their 545x39 is good, too, but I have not personally fired any.

                              Where is their 308?? WE need some here at Chez Ironhand need to try some out SOON!!