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Thoughts about GSG 22's

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  • Thoughts about GSG 22's

    They seem to be a nice firearm. Customizable with different stocks, grips, sights and internals. Close to the HK so that's why they got sued but still continued on with some internal and cosmetic changes. I honestly think it is a better design than the HK and I like the thicker barrel. I do not like the screws. Push pins are my new best friend.

    So are there any thoughts about the platform to discourage me from getting a few to try out?

    The price is right.
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    Re: Thoughts about GSG 22's

    I got one last year for $250.
    Mine was supposed to have been the lightweight version but they sent me a regular version with folding stock and internal fake suppressor, I think they call it the SD version.
    Mine was the latest design but I then bought a kit to convert it to the earlier look.
    There are tutorial vids on YouTube about how to switch out the screws, but they all say you have to drill out the rear grip pin. I got 2 front grip pins and then snapped right in without a problem and the grip is tight.

    I may replace the rear sight with a real HK sight.
    I also removed the plastic rail and am getting a clamp-on rail. In reviews everybody says the plastic rail is crap.

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      Re: Thoughts about GSG 22's

      The last post was typed on my phone and it takes forever. I'm in the laptop now and can say more.

      I bought mine as the last one and it was being clearanced out.
      It was advertised in the email as the lightweight version (plastic receiver) but I got the regular one (metal receiver) which is what I wanted anyway.

      The pins I used were 2 front handguard CETME pins. They fit perfectly without doing any modifications to the gun.
      HKparts sells a pin kit for the GSG but it comes with 3different size pins, I don't know why.

      So on ebay you can get the "upgrade" kit which actually is a retro kit that puts it back to its pre-lawsuit look.

      This is the before.

      After the installation of the kit and push pins installed

      Last month I bought their .22 Firefly, which is a exact copy of the Sig Mosquito.
      I wanted a full size .22 pistol. I have a Walther P22 but its just too small for my hands, and I have small hands.

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      The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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        Re: Thoughts about GSG 22's

        Thanks Bishop, I wanted to know how others thought about the weapon.

        What you have is what I wanted, they have a package deal with the conversion kit to make it what was banned by HK, with the exception of the pull pins. Their extras include the collapsible stock and the full stock and 2 magazines. (The full stock looks rather flimsy and you can see the plastic seams).

        When looking at the GSG their method of holding things together with the screw pins is one feature I didn't like because you have to unscrew and end-cap then push the pin through.

        I liked that the fake suppressor unscrews from the body exposing the heavy barrel. HK's unscrew from the end of a real paper thin flexible barrel it looks about as stout as a paper straw. I did like the internals of the HK and the stocks seemed to be heaver.

        I was told they will eat any brand of ammo and hardly ever jam. I can't other semi-autos can boast that claim. Bolt actions well they hardly ever fail unless springs or parts fall out.
        Call me John, just an old man with opinions.


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          Re: Thoughts about GSG 22's

          I have never seen, in person, the HK model. So I can't compare anything.
          I was impressed with the GSG barrel. It looks thin at first but when you really look at it, its thicker than most .22 pistol barrels of today and is quite stiff. Its a solid barrel and not a paper thin barrel with a cover.

          The GSG collapsible stock is its own thing (though there is an airsoft version that also fits). Real HK stocks dont. I have tried a real full stock and a collapsible and they just don't.

          There is also an Airsoft trigger housing that will fit if you want a much cooler (more real) look, but you have to do some trimming to get the serial number (on the trigger pack) to clear.

          The ONLY problem so far with my GSG is I hate the rear sight and I left a mag loaded for a few months and all I had after was jams and fail to feed and 3 bullets fell inside the mag and were pointing down.

          Don't let the plastic mag sit loaded,(for a month) they will bulge.

          ALSO, really important. Get a buffer for the cocking handle.
          This was something everybody talked about in youtube reviews.

          If you slam that cocking handle down, like you do with an HK, the handle tends to break.
          People are getting rubber buffers to go on the very end inside the tube to cushion it.
          I found an o-ring that fits perfectly inside the tube, but is big enough not to fall out or shift and the cocking handle hits that. The idea is to stop the handle before the handle's shaft hits the cocking tube.

          Any questions or if you need pictures feel free to ask.

          The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...


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            Re: Thoughts about GSG 22's

            I have a source for some .22's at real bargains. I wanted another semi-auto and the GSG series had great reviews. Currently I have some bolt savages and 30 year old 10/22's. I didn't make any purchases the last 8 years due to the Obama panic and run on .22's.

            I thought about the Walther UZI pistol / carbine combo. HK pistol / carbine combo. GSG (HK look alike) and the 1911 combo.

            Youtube was my only reference and when I compared the HK vs GSG I was sold on the build quality. GSG is 100$ less expensive and appears to have an edge in quality.

            My biggest regret in gun sales was letting my nylon 66's go in the late 80's, the value had skyrocketed and they were used very well but still superb in function.

            I plan on getting at least two of both and think the parts will interchange since there are kits to alter appearance and function.

            Thanks again.
            Call me John, just an old man with opinions.