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Pedersoli P53 Enfield

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  • Pedersoli P53 Enfield

    I traded the Sharps I'd bought new for this one last Fall. It was manufactured the same year (2014) as the Sharps, and was/is in like new condition.

    I liked the paper cartridge Sharps, but I love this more. Notice the "confetti" with each shot. That's the 1855 Enfield pattern cartridge paper separation from the bullet upon exit from the muzzle.

    I cast NOE .566-578-gr Pritchett Minies complete with tapered baseplugs which closely replicate the original British and Confederate loading.

    I picked up an old, very well built, handmade Early Lancaster pattern flintlock .40 cal longrifle a couple days ago and hope to make a video with it this weekend.

    (Yeah I know...all that beer and cornbread makes that frock a little
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