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OH what has Ruger done now?

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  • OH what has Ruger done now?

    Its not totally new, but I JUST saw it in a magazine today so it new to me.

    Integrally suppressed Take Down 10/22.

    I think they should have just went with the bull barrel suppressed look. This looks more like a over/under.

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    Re: OH what has Ruger done now?


    Seems they're getting geared up for when Hearing Protection Act goes through


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      Re: OH what has Ruger done now?

      Maybe they figured this way would last longer, without maintenance??

      Figure 99% of Folks HAVE cleaned their rifle, but NEVER their suppressor???
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        Re: OH what has Ruger done now?

        You have to clean a .22 suppressor. If you wait too long it's almost impossible to clean. Unlike the larger caliber suppressors that only get burnt powder fouling a .22 suppressor gets lead fouling and it's melted on. If you let it build up it takes a lot of scrubbing with a wire brush to clean the baffles. I clean mine every 200 rds. It's not too bad at 200 rds, but there is no way I'd wait 400 or 500 rds.
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