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22 ammo may finally be on the way back!

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  • 22 ammo may finally be on the way back!

    Friend of mine went into one of the larger gun/hunting shops in Little Rock yesterday, came home with 5000 rounds of CCI Mini Mags, said he didn't even dent to stack they had sitting in the floor. Said they had over 200,000 rounds of various brands and also a healthy amount of 22 magnum. Think I'll head there Monday to see what they have, wouldn't mind adding a few to my stock so I can actually shoot my 22's again. The CCI was $7.97 per 100 before sales tax, most everything else was less, 550 round bulk pacs of Federal, Remington etc. were $24.99, thats less than WalMart has been asking.
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    Re: 22 ammo may finally be on the way back!

    Loosening up some here too. Can't always find just what I want, but not having much of a problem finding .22 of some kind either. I've been so focused on finding .22 the last couple of years that I haven't noticed the big price drop in center-fire ammo until now. $11. for .45 acp and $15. for .357 mag JSP is a super good price at Wally World.
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