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Smith & Wesson 908

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  • Bigfoot
    Those are sweet shooters, I have an alloy frame model 39, love it.

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  • Chief351
    started a topic Smith & Wesson 908

    Smith & Wesson 908

    I have one of these little pistols. 3rd Generation S&W, aluminum frame, single-stack 8-round magazines, 9mmP, and a decocking/safety. I keep it in one of those little safes bolted to my nightstand - keeps the grand kids away from it, but still fairly accessible with, with a spare magazine and a tactical flashlight Change the batteries in the safe once a year, and field strip and clean the pistol, re-lube it, and put it back in the safe. Those are really nice little pistols. Pretty much the last hurrah for the old Model 39 design. When I field stripped it Saturday it struck me how light the frame is. Who needs that polymer junk.

    Nowadays, though, since my kids are all grown up, married, and moved out, I usually just take my carry piece off when I get ready for bed and lay it on the nightstand. Put it back on when I get dressed in the morning. But the 908 is still there at the ready.
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