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CP-33 new 22lr from Kel-tec (33 rounds)

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  • CP-33 new 22lr from Kel-tec (33 rounds)

    Looks cool, 33 rounds is nice. It's on the big side, but should be good for shooting at the range. Looks spacey.

    .22lr is a lot cheaper to shoot than the .22 mag guns that Kel-Tec has been making. MSRP is $475 so retail should be below $400 once the price settles. I imagine it will sell well.

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    I'm not inclined to be an "early adopter" of anything from KelTek. They still haven't gotten the bugs out of the KSG.

    They seem to have gotten the PMR-30 lined out, at least as far as I can tell from mine after about 450 rounds. No malfunctions yet, but I'm still trying to get a full 30 rounds into one of the mags. None of my loaders work that small, and after about 27 rounds, I can't stuff any more in there without a big stick and/or a screwdriver.

    Having respects for the lips of my magazines, I ain't using either one, so I'm just stuck with a 26 or 27 round .22 Mag handgun. I'ts a range gun for me, so I don't notably care, but good grief! They got a lot tougher thumbs and index fingers than I do, if they can get it full.

    The .22 LR? Talk to me in a couple of years when I see how they act in the real world.

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      I mean waiting a year is pretty standard for any company, but yeah Kel-Tec is definitely one I'd wait a year on. Even Glock has been known to fumble in that first year (4th Gen). I'm not posting this to advise people to buy the product, but to keep people informed. That said, a high cap .22lr for that price point is definitely interesting. If I see one on CDNN for $350, I might jump even if it hasn't been a year.


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        When I first saw the Kel-Tek 12G with 14+1 capacity I about went OFF my ROCKER wanting one.
        Well I never got it and luckily so. Ammo thanks to the KENYAN KID IS NOT EVEN...... 22 IS AFFORDABLE NO MORE PRETTY MUCH FOREVER..
        I have old WWB I scored for $9 per 500R. GOOD LUCK ever FINDING THAT AGAIN FOR .02R.
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          After Obama and .22 was available again I started to stockpile Winchester white box 555. I have filled up 2 30 cal ammo cans loosely to the VERY top.
          I feel completely safe for 22 now... For the rest of my life.

          The rusty wire, that holds the cork, that keeps the anger in, gives way...