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Leaving Mags loaded for long periods.......

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  • Leaving Mags loaded for long periods.......

    I've been playing around for long enough that I have some that have been loaded for a while. 1911 and BHP mags work just fine after 15 to 20 years of sitting around loaded, just for example.

    The one exception I've found is Makarov mags. If you don't unload them and let the spring rest every couple of years, they won't feed for squat after about the third round. I initially blamed that on them being the ones I kept in the vehicle, but it has proven that those in a very controlled cool and dry environment have the same issues.

    Y'all got any other types of mags that you trust, or don't trust, long term?

    It could be an issue, particularly for us old guys. I've got mags around here that I loaded in the mid 1990's. If I realize that, I strip them and reload later, but I keep finding more.....

    AK mags work just fine long term too. AR Mags, or Walthers, or EAA's, or whatever? Share your experiences with us if you've been around long enough to have some antique magazine loads that you just dug out of the pile.

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    Back before the turn of the century, HK used some pretty crappy mag springs in the USP45. After a year I had to replace all three with Wolff springs. I guess they've improved them as I haven't had that happen with later HK's I've owned.

    I was getting FTF, stovepipes, etc.
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      The only things I've left loaded 10+ years & then used have been AR and M9 mags. Doesn't seem to hurt them any - both were very well used, but serviceable, to begin with. Anything else I only have 5-6 mags tops so they get cycled often.
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        I have never had a problem with long term loaded magazines. I recently put a magazine through one of my M1 Carbines that had been loaded for 15 years. No issues.
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          Way back when old WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON was doing his best to strip us of our 2A RIGHTS he came 4 our magazines the STINKBUG... I did a LOT of cruising 2 everywhere I thought might have the 25R Butler Creek Mags. There were times I BLEW my Grocery $$ 4 1 or 2 new mags. Good thing I subscribe to never buy just 1 or 2 when one can get 10 or 20.

          10+ years ago I got 2 mag carriers. Loaded 12 25s and filled both carriers. I wood love 2 know where the heck they are??

          Stay tuned....

          Edit to add: I don't expect any issues. The issue will be FINDING a safe spot less than 30miles ONE WAY. 126K folks live here now most demoRAT stumblebums.
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