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  • I Have This Junk 1911..........

    .......that runs like a champ!

    Here is my Auto Ordnance 1911 that I bought five or six years ago. I've done a few things to it just to get it to conform to my own preferences, but the basic pistol is just the way it came from the factory.

    I did replace the original small WWII-type sights with MGW 3-dot sights in consideration of my old eyes, swapped in a G.I. surplus stamped and welded short trigger, and I replaced the trigger and sear leaf spring with one from Cylinder and Slide to bring the trigger pull down to about 4-1/2 to 5 pounds. The other changes were mainly cosmetic - Pearce rubber grips, and I swapped the recoil spring plug with one from Cylinder and Slide that is like the pre-WWII ones that have little divots punched into the front sides that screw on to the recoil spring (to keep you from launching it into orbit if your thumb slips while stripping or reassembling it). But everything else is just the way it left the factory, including the Series-80 firing pin safety.

    Yesterday I took my early Colt 1991-A1 and the Auto Ordnance to the range. You would expect from the purchase price that the Colt would shoot rings around the Auto Ordnance, but that's not what happened. The Auto Ordnance will feed my preferred Remington 185 grain HTP JHP's all day long from the Checkmate 7-round mags with the flat metal and dimpled followers, and Wadcutter feed lips. All the Colt wants to run is 230 grain ball from Hardball mags.

    So, does anyone else have what the snobs would refer to a "junk gun", but that runs like a clock?
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    Originally posted by Chief351 View Post

    So, does anyone else have what the snobs would refer to a "junk gun", but that runs like a clock?

    I've got an Argie 1927 Systema that would probably feed a 5 gallon bucket if you could keep it between the rails when it loads. It's as accurate as I am with a 1911, with any rounds I've ever fed it, so I surely can't complain.

    It's "collectable" so I don't shoot it much any more, but if TSHTF, It's easily in the list of things I have no hesitation about grabbing first, because it'll hit where I point it, and refuses to jam on much of any crappy ammo.

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      I never could understand the tiny sights on a basic stock Government model. Were you supposed to just point it and pull the trigger or did they really expect you to aim that pistol with those crappy sights. They don't look any better than the sights on a Walther Model 4 I have from 1918. And that's a pocket pistol for up close and personal use.

      Cylinder & Slide has some really great parts for 1911's and Hi-Powers. Krink has my old Argi full of C&S parts.
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        The best upgrades for a basic 1911A1? Here's mine for my RIA 1911A1
        A. Wilson ETM ten round magazines
        B. Hogue finger groove grips
        C. Old SWAT Team trick.: Black out your rear sights. Paint the front sight a neon color, More Rapid Target acquisition.
        YMMV, but works well for me,


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          I have a RIA, this is my second, and it runs perfectly just like the first one I bought and gave to my brother.
          This will eat anything I feed it with both the mag that came with it and some NIW mil surplus 1911 mags as well as a couple WWII repro mags I have.
          The only mods I have done are cosmetic.
          Arched main spring housing with lanyard loop.
          Polished the outside of the barrel at chamber end to remove bluing.
          Warn and aged to perfection WWI double diamond grips.
          The grips alone completely change the look of this new pistol.

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