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  • NFA question?

    ads i see for Class 3 goodies always declare the state the item is curently located in.

    other than shipping, does it make a difference?

    is there somehow less paperwork required to transffer a Class 3 item within the state? or what? AFAIK the transaction still has to be handled thru a Class 3 FFL, along with all the ATF paperwork... or can it just be tranfered from private party to private party, AFTER obtaining the ATF paperwork and tax stamp if it is within the same state?

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    If the weapon is transferable, it can be transferred from person to person in the home state. It still must be approved by ATF on a Form4 and tax paid. Any transfers out of state must be handled by a C3 licensee. This does not apply to C&R guns. Although the paperwork is the same, a C&R can transferred direct to the C&R license holder interstate without the need of a C3. L.

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