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7x57 vs .308 M1916 Mauser at the pawn shop

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  • 7x57 vs .308 M1916 Mauser at the pawn shop

    I stopped by a pawn shop today and saw a 1916 Spanish Mauser for sale behind the gun counter. It's one of the most easily recognized variants, I think, but they had it labeled as a k98 in 8mm for $399!
    I figured I'd save them and a future uninformed buyer the hassle and straighten out the misunderstanding. I told them what they had and they looked at me dubiously. The old timer there (the employee) pointed to the turned down bolt handle and barrel length as proof that it was a k98, and explained that k98s are in 8mm.
    This one wasn't stamped with the caliber, so I figured it was probably in 7mm. I mentioned that they could get a live round and do a bullet test to see the bore size, then walked over and looked at something else while he googled something. After walking around I noticed that he was now walking over towards the boss with the rifle, so I walked over there too.
    The employee was talking to the boss and trying to identify what rifle it was and mentioned that I disagreed with what was on the tag. They were talking about Argentine Mausers when I identified it as a Spanish 1916 small ring mauser that was originally chambered in 7x57 but is more frequently found in .308; it never came in 8mm. More dubious looks, and mentioned the bullet test again.
    After checking the tool section out I figured I swing back by guns on the way out and saw the employee and the boss messing with the 1916 on the back bench. They had stuck a 8mm round in the gun and closed the bolt just enough for the ogive of the 8mm bullet to get stuck in the leade of the 7mm bore. As they were trying to clear it they were repeatedly sweeping the room, but mostly avoided the customers.
    At this point they were believers and listened to me. I explained how to do the bullet test and showed them when they did it wrong. It turns out it was 7mm.
    I'm thinking about going by with a resume, I could use a part time job.

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    Re: 7x57 vs .308 M1916 Mauser at the pawn shop

    If I worked in a pawn shop, I'd be taking firearms home more often than my paycheck.

    And BTW, Spanish Mausers are much better left in 7x57mm.