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Canadian Ross restoration project

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  • Canadian Ross restoration project

    This is the Canadian Ross sporter I picked up at a pawn shop earlier this year.

    The Ross is a .303 straight pull bolt action rifle which was known for being very accurate and very fast to operate, but also sensitive to malfunctioning if dirty, and capable of being reassembled incorrectly so that the rifle could be fired and the bolt shot backward into the soldier with catastrophic results.

    It was marked $500 and was sitting on that shelf for over 5 years. I mentioned that the first time I saw it was in 2009 and asked them for their best price. He said he'd find out and came back after a bit and said make us an offer. I told him $175. He came back with $200 and we made the deal. They were glad to get rid of it.

    The metal is all there, but the stock was chopped and heavily sanded. I'd love to find a replacement stock for it, but that would likely cost as much as the rifle did.

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    Re: Canadian Ross restoration project

    Not the most attractive battle rifle I have ever seen but in the original configuration I'd be proud to display it. For that matter both of my WWI battle rifles have been sporterized, mores the shame: a P17 Enfield and a Gewehr 98.

    Even chopped like that yours was a heck of a buy.

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      Re: Canadian Ross restoration project

      Hey! You got it! Glad to finally see some photos from your collection. I'm looking forward to seeing the Mas.

      Those look nice too.
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