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Steyer M95M, 8x57, convert to 7.62x51?

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    Re: Steyer M95M, 8x57, convert to 7.62x51?

    Originally posted by Ammo Guy View Post
    Think there would be a market for M95M 8x57 extractors?
    Absolutely, as long as rge price was reasonable. The M95M extractor is a very sought after part, and he lack of a replacement is why there are so many of thoae rifles for sale cheap, but with broken or missing extractors. I bought a M1917 extracor to modify for my M95m, but it is a project I haven't started yet. There is alot of metal to remove!

    I paid $20 for the 1917 extractor, and figure it'll take me 4 hours to modify it to work. I'd pay $75 for a correct replacement.


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      Re: Steyer M95M, 8x57, convert to 7.62x51? EXTRACTORS

      As soon as I receive money I'm owed I will look into making replacement extractors for the M95M. The key will be C.A.D. machining. Much of the cost is labor i.e. time/set-up. Once the program is developed , expensive I understand, you load it and the raw material and press Enter.
      Since I have a functioning rifle I will take it to the gunsmith. I would hope to produce an extractor 2.0 by making improvements in design and metallurgy. I would even consider making modifications to my bolt carrier to make an uber extractor 2.1.
      For example we will need to know how the extractors fail. Knowing where and how will be critical when making adjustments.
      As for price... Id hope to keep it below $100.00
      I will write more when I can move forward.
      Paul the Ammo Guy 8-)

      "Aim small, miss small".


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        Re: Steyer M95M, 8x57, convert to 7.62x51?

        As I recall, the problem with the M95m extractor is that the 8x57 rounds need to feed up from the clip in the magazine. That allows the rim to slide up into the claw from the bottom instead of over the rim. The original extractors tend to crack as they bend to slide up and over the rim, breaking them if the gun is loaded single shot.

        The tember (too hard) of the extractor may be part of the problem.

        Another common reasom=n for breaking is because folks try to disassemble the M95m bolt the same way that a M95 bolt is disassembled, and that breaks them.

        The 1917 extractor conversion gets you a extractor that works, but isn't original.