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Older Mini: Rear Sight Upgrade

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  • Older Mini: Rear Sight Upgrade

    I found that shooting an older mini with the original sights are...well...damn inaccurate. If I'm hitting a 6" group at 100 yds on a bench I'm doing well. I upgraded to this:

    The thing took about 5 min to install: a snap. Once I got it sighted in I was hitting 2" groups at 100 yds which made me very happy. Windage/elevation is 7/8" at 100 yds, meaning it's not a tack driver; but you wouldn't be using this firearm if it was...right?

    This is a total improvement--one I totally recommend.
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    Re: Older Mini: Rear Sight Upgrade

    Might be something to consider for my very early stainless Mini. Mine's from back when they had a wood handguard!!
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      Re: Older Mini: Rear Sight Upgrade

      Your mini-14 CAN hit a 6" item at 100yds??

      Yours must have been made wrong...

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        Re: Older Mini: Rear Sight Upgrade

        Looks good, and I saved the web site. With my old eyes not getting any sharper, I went to a red dot sight, long ago.
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          Re: Older Mini: Rear Sight Upgrade

          MWish they had some instructions online for this
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