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Mini-14 snobs

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    Re: Mini-14 snobs

    The stainless/synthetic aspect is important is such situations.

    I don't know why other manufacturers don't build stainless synthetic rifles. The russians chrome plate several parts of their rifles and then paint them. I guess one could use some REALLY good paint and hope for the best on an AK.



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      Re: Mini-14 snobs

      Originally posted by heliflyer View Post
      We kicked our own ass in Viet Nam. [/b]</font>
      I agree... I was there!


      Correct. The Mini-14 is no longer the rough gem it was prior to 1981. The Mini14 is not a replacement for a SIG 550, FAL, M1,a or like weaponry.

      In fact, here's how I see it:

      Mini-14 vs. gas tube AR= Mini-14
      Mini14 vs. gas piston AR= gas pistol AR.
      Mini-14 vs. stock SKS=Mini-14.
      Mini-14 vs. M1 carbine=tie


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        Re: Mini-14 snobs

        my $.02....I have an older Mini-14 that is great fun to plink with, bust cans and bottles and quite a few snakes and other vermin. It is far from really accurate but it does work. Never gums up.

        I bought a newer one, used. I put a weak scope on this one and it shoots. Groups are a bit over 1" but well under 2 on a good day and no coffee. It is still not a taget gun and it does everything the other one did. Just a bit better.

        The kids have a blast with both.

        I have had my AR's and I am glad folks like theirs. I just prefer the Mini-14. It seems to be a lot easier to handle and maintain and it works.