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How to put a barrel shroud on my mini 14?

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  • How to put a barrel shroud on my mini 14?

    Hey,I got a barrel shroud for my ranch rifle and im having trouble figuring how to put it on. Ive tried to take off the front sight, but i cant seem to do that, is there a special method for this?

    heres the barrel shroud

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    My front sight just has a pin through it that must be removed. Have you already solved the problem?


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      As Rugerfan stated the front sight is held on by a roll pin.
      Find an appropriatly sized punch and remove the roll pin. On some Mini's the front sight will now slide right off but most resist.
      Some people have wrapped the sight in cloth, put it in a vice and tapped a wooden block against the muzzle until the rifle slid out.
      I took a brass punch, set it on the base of the sight with the muzzle on a block of wood and tapped the sight off.
      Whatever method you use be prepared to reverse it to get the sight back on.
      Good luck!
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        Thats what I have been doing, mine probably just has alot of resistance.
        thanks guys