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Government model mini-14? What's the difference?

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  • Government model mini-14? What's the difference?

    I've seen these advertised but what's the difference between this and one off the shelf at my local dealer?

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    It's the GB model sold to police etc has sights moved back from end of barrel and bayonet lug under the sights so it can have M9? mounted.

    Oh, and they came with factory 20 rnd or 30 rnd mag -

    Other than that not much difference as I recall.
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      There's a pretty good pic of a GB with M-7 bayonet mounted.

      You can see the flash hider, different front sight (better IMO than the stnadard sight as its a thiner blade and has ears to it like an M-14 or M-1 carbine sight) and bayonet lug.

      GB's were also made in stainless and with folding stocks. I also saw new GB's on the web with synthetic stocks as well.


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        Ha you guys ; did you know that ruger is no longer making 30 rd mags, not even for law enforcement


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          I think that's the 1st, 180 GB model I have ever seen. And yes, I have herd that Ruger is no longer making 30 rounders. They had a problem with them working in the newer syn. mini. ???? I got lucky and have found 3 so far.