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Mini-14 Evolution?

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  • Mini-14 Evolution?

    I understand that repair/replacement parts for earlier Mini-14's may not be available (ie. Liberty). Is there a series, (MK 1; MK 2 etc). If a Liberty has a wood handguard plus "1976", do any other versions have wood hand guards, what are the major differences from one MK to the next, how many MK's have their been. Do the slight (sites and rubber butt plate) changes for 05' constitute a model change?

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    The only mini that I know of that Ruger does not work on any more is the 180-xxxx. They where the 1st one out of the shop. After a few years Ruger made some changes on the frame, reciever and a few other small things. The next mini out was the 181-xxxx. Those and up to the ones made today, all parts are interchangable and Ruger will work on them. I do believe the Lib. you are asking about is a 180-xxxx, if it is, your out of luck. Look on the left side of the reciver and you will find the ss#.