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Mini-14 v USGI M1 Carbine?

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    Split the difference, get the carbine in its original chambering. 22 spitfire or something?


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      I believe it was 5.6 Johnson Spitfire. I don't think it was the orginal chambering. The carbine was delevoped around the cartridge .30 cal. I believe it had something to do with the Winchester Self Loaders Model 07 and the like that were used in the 1st World War. The caliber was .351SL (self loading). The .30 carbine is quite similar. Too bad as one of the major faults of the weapon is the low power of the cartridge.


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        The .30 carbine is only low powered, depending upon how you look at it. If you lump it in with the assault rifle calibers from 7,92x33, 7,62x39, 5,56x45, 5,45x39 and so, yes it is anemic.

        However, if you class it as a subgun cartridge as it should more likely be, it is quite adequate. It is more powerful than the 9mm, .45 and even the 7,62x25.

        I think that the m1 Carbine was basically a overly complicated semi-auto subgun. The army would have been better off making subguns like the PPSh. Cheap and easy to make, powerful round, high capacity.


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          Carbines were in fact designed around the .30 Carbine round. The 5.7 Johnson came about much later, maybe in the early 60's or so??

          I did a bit of followup reading and it looks like the 5.7 Johnson and .22 Spitfire were the same round, just different designations (Military and commercial I think as the 5.7 was apparently tested at least). Here's a couple links on it:

          IAI is offering new M-1 carbines chambered in this round. One of our local dealers had them this fall for around $359 IIRC.


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            RELIABILITY....When something works in adverse conditions(see SHTF senarios)The carbine wins hands down.Proven,accurate for it's intendeed purpose,powerful enough,especially with modern ammo.Controlable for men or 95 pound wives,
            children etc.Parts availability,magazines plentiful..15 round military ARE preferred.Mini owners please don't bash me.I have two,a GB and a ranch.But you ask and thats it.


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              Controlable for men or 95 pound wives,
              yeah, I've given serious though to using one of my GI carbines as a house gun since it'd be easy for the wife to shoot.

              I just wish there was a factory source for modern hollowpoints. The M-1 round would be no slouch with a 110gr Gold Dot, XTP etc hollowpoint at 2000fps. It's basically be like a hot .357 mag autoloader at that point.

              Wolf is supposed to be making .30 Carbine ammo now although I haven't seen it yet. Maybe we'll finally see not only cheap .30 carbine ammo but some sort of soft or hollowpoint as well. I'd rather see a premium HP personally but I'll take Wolf if they're the only ones going to do it.

              It's weird, I've often thought that the M-1, that many police departments have had in inventory for years, is still a better choice for a patrol rifle than most of the pistol caliber carbines that have become popular. All that was really needed was updated sighting options, more durable stocks perhaps, and better ammo. We have two out of teh three now, just waiting on ammo. You'd think with all the GI guns out there, all the old Iver Johnsons and Plainfields, and the new IAI and Auto Ord guns that there'd be enough of a market for it!