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    I just picked up five of the Black Warrior 30 rd mags from CDNN investments. They were $14.95 each. I think these are Masen mags. Havent tried them but in comparing them to the factory mags they look to be of good quality.


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      Mini's actually saw, and continue to see, a lot of police use around the world. No military use to speak of but a lot of police and para-military police use.

      France was mentioned and I know I've seen them used by the Brit police as well, and various Latin American police units. I wanna say I've seen them in the Mid East and Asia as well but can't place where off the top of my head. In the U.S. they were pretty common with departments of all sizes and a lot of correctional institutes.

      With Ruger revamping them this year with better stocks and better sights (the biggest complaint in my book) I might consider getting another one once the mag situation is settled.


      An addition really, many of the police and para-military guns were AC-556 auto versions of the Mini-14/GB with flash hider and bayonet lug.

      The basic point does remain however that even with what service they saw it didn't come anywhere near the numbers of M-16's, AK's, FAL's etc, in use around the world so mags were never cranked out in the kinds of quantities that they were for those weapons. Plus, police service doesn't generally consume or require as many mags per weapon or individual as is the case with mil weapons.

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