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Do I really want a mini?

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  • Do I really want a mini?

    I dont know what it is but ever since the A-Team the mini-14 has always been on my need to get list. My only prob with them is the mag issue. My question is, can you modify Ar mags to work in them, or is it a no go. I have to have 30rds, and I dont whant the price tag of the originals.

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    Ramline made the only interchangeable magazine that works in both AR15/Mini-14.
    If you could modify existing AR15 so that they work in the Mini-14 and continue to work in the AR15 then it would be legal

    - best to fight to get Hi-cap ban sunset through so we can turn on the factories again.
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      I guess you can get what you like. I wouldnt recommend it. I have a 1978 model. It shoots allright. AR mags are to fat to fit. I have some John Masen mags that work,as well as a couple of those Ramlines.


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        I have 6 of the Ramline mags and they work well in the Mini as well as my AR.


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          RamLine mags SUCK-just like their stocks. After a few years, the plastic will start to flake away. Your best bet is PMI Mags with Ruger Factory followers (from Brownell's) or Thermolds, or John Masen mags.