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    So Just watched MAC, he noted issues with his newer rifle, is this typical?
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    Depends on when DSA made it. At one time DSA made a really good product. As time went along though their quality started going down. This was because of a couple of things. First was the running out of real surplus parts. This caused them to start making their own or farming them out. Either way though the QUALITY of the parts went down. Then you have the problem of them trying to be all things to all people as they went from just making FALs to them trying to build quality RPD's, ARs and so on and so on........

    I have a friend though that has a real problem with one of their RPD's. They do not either know how to fix it or care to fix it right........take it for what it is worth.

    So I would say older stuff, good. Newer stuff, you pay your money and you take you chance. Also customer service seems to be going down. Maybe the amount of stuff they are getting back for repairs though.


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      I think the FAL is pretty much dead anyway. Get a G-3 from PTR and save a lot of $$.


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        Originally posted by Southern Shark View Post
        I think the FAL is pretty much dead anyway. Get a G-3 from PTR and save a lot of $$.
        Only problem is the G-3 was only adopted by 7-10 countries. The M-14 by 2 countries. Best of all the FAL was adopted and used by over 90 countries. There fore the FAL has a MUCH larger availability of spare parts and magazines. FAL is also MUCH easier to clean and maintain in the field.

        I have used the M-14 and the FAL in combat and know they work WELL. I also worked for H&K selling and demonstrating weapons to LEO and Military all over the world.

        After all that I feel comfortable saying if I was going into combat again, it would be with a Para model FAL. Your mileage may vary.


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          Not sure where you came up with the G-3 adopted by 7-10 countries stuff. That's not accurate. More importantly though, the G-3 is still manufactured in several countries, still used by several large armies and PTR makes most of the parts here for a reasonable price. Not saying DSA doesn't do the same for the FAL, but I just think parts availability is a non-starter, especially given that the FAL wasn't used by the USA, so it's not like there are a bunch of parts in CONUS (true for the G-3 too). If you want cheap parts, get an AR-10 from DPMS.


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            If Rifles were Girls.........the FAL is BY far the "sexiest" looking rifle ever made. is a GREAT rifle, as an added bonus!! I love my FAL's!!

            Sorry to hear DSA has slidden downhill, so much......bummer!
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              Problem with FALs is either they are Metric, Inch (Australia, Britain, Canada), or mixed (India, Israel). So some gunsmithing may be involved. My Century FAL from because back was a metric Brazilian lower an Incl British upper which seemed to work. Had a gunsmith take a look at it and the receiver latch was filed down a bit to make it fit.

              I think DSA still makes as good quality FAL as you could get, and PTR makes a decent G3 with a paddle release. FAL mags were once cheap, not getting pricey. G3 mags are cheap for now.

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