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  • DPMS AR-10 'type'.......

    Rifle I have been working to build for 2 and a half years is only a gas tube away.

    Originally got it two and a half years ago with the 16 inch barrel with a gas block and rails. Shot it and wanted a longer barrel and honest to goodness sights. Added everything to do this and hand guards. Didn't like the collapsible stock so replaced it with an A2 one. Barrel wasn't as accurate as I liked or long enough.

    Started a search for a factory DPMS 20 inch barrel with AR front sight. This search took two and a half years until three weeks ago. Lo and behold guy put a NEW never mounted one DPMS 20 inch with sight tower on another board. New chrome lined for $150.00. DPMS has not made this barrel in the last three yeas. I claimed it quick! Unfortunately he wanted Pay pal which I don't do due to their anti gun stance. Luckily for me the second guy to claim it did do Paypal. Thusly he claimed and paid for it. Then he noticed it was a .308 one and not a .223. He sent me a PM and asked if I still wanted it, which I said YES!!!!! He said send him the money order and he would have the original seller send me the barrel. The money order went out Priority Mail the next day. Barrel came in the mail surrounded by a kids floatee type spaghetti. Works perfect for shipping barrels BTW.

    Now I sat down and looked the project over. Had everything to do the switch over except a 20 inch gas tube. Thought about it some more as I had everything except the upper itself and gas tube to build another complete upper. Looked on another sight that specializes in AR parts and build and lo and behold a DPMS upper with only 20 rounds thru it, per the seller. It got here a couple hours ago and looks like he was telling the truth. Alabama Gentleman after all.

    Gun show this weekend here in town and I have already called a dealer buddy of mine from when I did the gun show circuit and he will have two brand new gas tubes waiting for me.

    Already have a high power Leupold scope waiting for it also!

    Don't you love it when a plan comes together!

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    You can order barrels there if you need more.


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      True, but it is twice what I paid for mine and mine came with the sight tower already installed from the factory. Can we tell I am a cheap SOB in my old age? LOL


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        Got the 'free float' tube for it today. When I tried to use regular hand guards, I found out the barrel nut would not allow it, so we are having to go this route. Hopefully my friend and I can get his tools and mine together and finish this beast this next week.

        BTW we found out the barrel is a 5R target one! Look out 800-1000 yards.


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          I am not a big fan of the AR platform in general but once was offered an unpassable deal on an AR10 built by GA Precision. To this day I have no idea all the tricks that were done to that rifle but it still is unbelievably accurate. So they obviously have potential. Good luck with yours.


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            FINALLY got to take it out to play with it. With purely iron sights and surplus West German ammo and shooting from both shoulders, it kept the rounds bouncing a 4 inch reactive cube hopping at 300 yards.

            I got the rings for it last week. Tested all 30 mags for it today. They all worked great.

            Young guy next to me was REALLY frustrated. Brand new factory 'super gun' with Vortex scope, a can, and bubble level, et al..........He had a new Savage also that was set up similarly but with a better scope and can. Same results.

            Best he could do was three inches at 100 yards. He watched me bouncing the cube at three hundred with iron sight and from both shoulders. He asked me 'HOW'. I told him it was simple, Marine instructors and about 100,000+ rounds over 50 years! Get about half way there and maybe he could call himself a rifleman.

            My old operations Sgt was also there doing it with a M-4 he built and doing the same thing with the cube at 300. Guy asked him 'how'. My operations Sgt said it was simple as he was 'infantry' and had a dammed old demanding Battalion Commander and then pointed at me.

            I told him then to sell one of the guns and take the money and buy AMMO and seriously shoot with it until he could do as good as I was with iron sights


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