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How much is my M1A worth. going to sell it.

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  • How much is my M1A worth. going to sell it.

    Its a Armscorp Reciever with a GI Winchester barrel thats very Good. All the rest of the parts are GI. I sent it to Smith Enterprises and had him check it out. He said everything was Good. I had him remove the rails on the bayonet lug, due to the AWB. And the stock is GI Syn, from Freds done in woodland.

    I also have 20 Tiwan 20rd mags, 15 in wrap and 5 paint OD. I also have 3 USGI maGs and some spare parts.

    Any idea what it is worth?

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    Sell the magazines seperately as you will not get much more for the gun with the magazines as opposed to the gun with one magazine.

    Obviously a kit gun built on an Armscorp receiver. The negative side is that the buyer can't be for certain how well the gun will last and was the build done correctly. Compare it to a used factory springfield gun and drop $200 off the price.
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      $800-900 is about right then?


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        check here:

        Me, I would not take less than $1000 for it. Best -


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            The GI parts alone are worth $900. The Taiwanese mags are selling for $139 for 10 at

            I'd sell the rifle with one mag for $950 or so, and the remaining mags for $10-$12 each shipped of someone buys them all. You'll maximize your profit that way.

            That would be fair to everyone involved!!
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