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Building new rifle..........

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  • Building new rifle..........

    for ME!

    It started out a standard AR-10 type I am talking about in the main battle rifles section, but after finding out I have a 5R target barrel, it is wind up something MUCH different!

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    FINALLY got to take it out to play with it. With purely iron sights and surplus West German ammo and shooting from both shoulders, it kept the rounds bouncing a 4 inch reactive cube hopping at 300 yards.

    I got the rings for it last week. Tested all 30 mags for it today. They all worked great.

    Young guy next to me was REALLY frustrated. Brand new factory 'super gun' with Vortex scope, a can, and bubble level, et al..........He had a new Savage also that was set up similarly but with a better scope and can. Same results.

    Best he could do was three inches at 100 yards. He watched me bouncing the cube at three hundred with iron sight and from both shoulders. He asked me 'HOW'. I told him it was simple, Marine instructors and about 100,000+ rounds over 50 years! Get about half way there and maybe he could call himself a rifleman.

    My old operations Sgt was also there doing it with a M-4 he built and doing the same thing with the cube at 300. Guy asked him 'how'. My operations Sgt said it was simple as he was 'infantry' and had a dammed old demanding Battalion Commander and then pointed at me.

    I told him then to sell one of the guns and take the money and buy AMMO and seriously shoot with it until he could do as good as I was with iron sights.


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      Good advise, Hawk.

      I've always said that Americans tend to approach problems by throwing money at it. "I can't hit anything with this rifle. I must need a bigger scope!" If you ask them about natural point of aim, using a sling for support, using a bone-supported position, etc., they look at you like you've got three eyes or something. When you tell them that you (used to, before the eyes got too bad) shoot NRA Service Rifle competition with an AR-15 and iron sights, and do it at 200, 300, and 600 yards, they don't know what to think.

      More ammo, more GOOD practice, and fewer gadgets wins the day every time.
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        Well the .308 top has worked out really well.

        I got the 'new gun' bug but did not want to sell the 308. My solution is build another top unit to switch off. The new top end is in 6.5 Creedmoor. Haven't wrung it out yet as I an still collecting ammo for it. It does however have a 24 inch BULL barrel and is heavy as all hell. I figure to use this to stretch out the range to 1200 yards. Anything beyond that I will either let pass on by, or take out with the 50 BMG cal.!