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ATN 5x33LU - loose reticle

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  • ATN 5x33LU - loose reticle

    putting this in LR forum even though the scope might be more appropriate to AR or MBR fora. I'll be glad to move it based on that. Yes, it's cheap glass, have pity on me...

    my AR10 did it again - the reticle on the ATN 5x33LU I used on it appears to be shook loose. I put a square with a bubble level on the turrets and the reticle is clearly not plumb.

    I read their blather about how their construction is better than western scopes because the reticle moves rather than the focal point, etc. I don't know if that matters.

    Short: does anyone have experience getting warranty service from them ? Paper says lifetime warranty.

    Is this a common complaint with ATNs ? The AR10 bent a cross lug on a YHM rail as well. Boom.

    I'm assuming this is factory maintenance, not something any shop would touch. The scope is sealed, etc.

    Thanks all!

    PS: anyone know how long it's been since boltripper has been around here ? He was always one of the reference sources. I haven't been active here in about 10 years.
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    Send it in with a receipt, they should fix it.