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Calling BS on this - Setup photo

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  • Calling BS on this - Setup photo

    Ok so the uninformed thinks it is so cool the sniper was able to be so still the snake didn't know he was there?

    So who was the idiot snapping the photo from the wrong end of a rifle?
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    Not a big deal. Was a Black Racer snake. They usually travel fast across the land scape. As the barrel was probably air temp, the snake would not have noticed the shooter. At least this snake was NON poisonous. When in a hide, my spotter was getting in place and kicked up a copperhead that traveled over my arms and under my chin. Spotter said he knew something was up when he heard me taking in large quantities of air from me! I informed my spotter if he EVER did that again I was shooting HIM!

    As to it being photographed, it was probably an instructor with a camera filming the stalk while in training. Scope lens would have given the shooter away. Covering the end with either a killflash or panty hose would have prevented it.

    Its the little things that will get you killed.