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    Longest range tool I have is a 30-06. Now I do believe we will have unrealistic suppression of what kinds of weapons we will be allowed to own.

    I had thought about getting belt guns just because there is no magazine required. Being frugal with money and ammo I kind of like to hit things I aim at. (The harder the better)

    Having said that the biggest thing out there we have access to is a 50BMG. There are lots of loads assuming you have the money for the 10$ per shot - (gold coins) but sometimes you want your kill eviscerated, quartered and cooked at the same time so it might be worth the cost.

    Wound you rather purchase 1 Barrett 82A1 (10 round) approx. 8K or 2 Barrett M99A1 single shots for the same price?

    I'm not including optics yet because I understand they run around 8K for the computer driven 1shot/kill.
    Call me John, just an old man with opinions.

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    Having helped design the 82A1, I can honestly say they are minute of 5 gallon bucket accurate. It was a cocktail napkin design fueled by Tequila. It is nothing more than a scaled up Browning Auto 5 shotgun. M-99 is much more accurate. Thing is you can do even better for a much lower price. Look at either the Serbu bolt action or even the Safety Harbor upper for an AR lower.

    50 cal who is also a moderator here used to be the main test shooter for Barrett. He left little Ronnie to go to work helping Mark Serbu develop his semi auto 50 which is MUCH more accurate than the Barrett.


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      Thank you for the info. I saw 3 different Serbu's today at the show. One had a screw on end cap that holds the shell in place (Simple but scary design). I saw the top mount for an AR platform it had a side mount box magazine and I have to say it is unique and inexpensive I'm not sure if an aluminum lower will hold the power of a BMG? (It has to otherwise it couldn't be sold) I am impressed with the bolt action design, the price was not too bad 3K. I discovered two different manufactures, one looked good but the lockup was different it seems like they all have the same 3K price tag. The cost of ammo was stupid silly $4 per shot EEK!
      Call me John, just an old man with opinions.


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        I have one of the first of the Safety Harbor designed side mag 50 cal uppers. It is a really nice shooting rifle that even my Wife and Daughter have shot. The Mark Serbu designed muzzle brake helps GREATLY with both felt recoil and keeping strain off the AR lower. I have even fired it off an old Cav Arms 'PLASTIC' AR lower. No problem.

        Nice thing about the 'uppers' is they can be bought straight from the Manufacturers without going thru a FFL with their mark up in price. Both Serbu and Safety Harbor have web sites where you can buy the uppers for LESS than $3,000! BOTH owners are Gentlemen that take great pain in providing quality products at fair prices.

        Right now ALL ammo is getting STUPID priced in my opinion! That is why I reload. Only problem is 50 cal reloading gear is stupid priced also.


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          2 Barrett M99A1 single shots for the same price definitely.