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Tubbs Final Finish bore polishing bullets?

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  • Tubbs Final Finish bore polishing bullets?

    Anyone used these? 50 bullets with five different grades of lapping compound that are supposed to help with barrel uniformity, make it easier to clean and add some level of accuracy. I'd like to hear more before I buy something that might do more harm than good.
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    Re: Tubbs Final Finish bore polishing bullets?

    You can do the barrel the same rate of good by hand lapping to get rid of any burrs in the bore.

    All it takes is Clover lapping compound and a lead bullet attached to a GOOD steel cleaning rod. Simple matter of getting 4 grades of lapping compound from medium to extra fine.

    Tubbs is treading on his name to get folks to buy 'His' so called method.


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      Re: Tubbs Final Finish bore polishing bullets?

      Tubbs is about the easiest way of getting similar results. I have used them several times. They have not shown me any accuracy improvements but they definitely help with cleaning. If they cause any long term damage I have not seen it, and used it for the first time about ten years ago.