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Appleseed Shoot???

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  • Appleseed Shoot???

    We (the 15 year old daughter) and I are thinking about going to a Appleseed shoot.

    Are these shoots any good & do ya learn much from them?

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    Re: Appleseed Shoot???

    i've never been to one, but i have heard good things about the appleseed events.

    i would also recommend attending a cmp rimfire sporter match. she's old enough to give the boys a run for their money!


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      Re: Appleseed Shoot???

      Yes and yes.

      The one I went to had several shooters between 10 and 16 and one of them scored rifleman! I'd reccomend without reservations.


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        Re: Appleseed Shoot???

        I would love to go to an Appleseed event but I've never heard of one anywhere near my area.
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          Re: Appleseed Shoot???

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            Re: Appleseed Shoot???

            Don't show up unprepared. Have a light rifle, decent sight, and a good sling available.

            Read their materials, it is a fast paced course. It targets beginners, BUT if you show up unprepared and without equipment that can high a small target at 25 yards, you may not get enough instruction to get you caught up in the day's program.

            Two main rifles I saw were carbine AR 15s and Ruger 10/22 with Tech Sights. tech Sights are recommended due to Ruger factory sights being so crappy.

            Goal is to get the Rifleman patch. It may hake 3-5 outings, maybe more. This is doable. Much like the 25 meter Army qualification.

            But unlike Army qualification, they fire standing, sitting and from the "sling supported". No sandbags, bipods allowed if you want a Rifleman patch.

            Light 22 cals. rule the day here.
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