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Gunsmith Class: Custom Smith and Wesson Revolver

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  • Gunsmith Class: Custom Smith and Wesson Revolver

    Deep River Customs is announcing a new class offering: Custom Smith and Wesson Revolver

    Course Description:

    The 7-day course will provide students with the instruction needed to bring a Smith and Wesson Model 929 to ultimate competition readiness. Included in the cost of the course will be a Smith and Wesson model 929, and parts necessary to perform all of the tuning and modifications. All of the necessary tooling and parts will be provided as well. The student only needs to arrive with a willingness to learn!
    The initial blocks of instruction will introduce students to the design and function theory of the Smith and Wesson revolver as well as detailed disassembly/reassembly.
    Attention will then turn toward competition tuning of the student’s revolver. Inferior MIM internal parts will be discarded, and quality bar-stock hammers, triggers, double action sears, firing pins, and cylinder stops will be installed. With the new parts in place, the revolver will be tuned for ultimate competition function and reliability. Topics during this portion of the class will include cylinder timing and the proper fitting of hands and double action sears.
    As the next phase of the class begins, students will then be coached through the installation of a custom DX style front sight base on a milling machine. This base allows for full interchangeability of front sights. This will be paired with a Bowen Classic Arms rear sight to allow for the most flexible and highest quality sight arrangement available.
    During the fourth phase of the course, students will receive instruction on more advanced topics such as barrel and cylinder installations. Students will have the opportunity to install a barrel on a provided S&W frame if they do not wish to change the barrel on their project 929.
    During the final work portion of the class, students will have the opportunity to modify the existing barrel on their Model 929 to a profile that more closely resembles the lighter contour of the Model 627 Pro models. Students may also choose to shorten and re-crown the existing barrel. Professional quality barrel markings will then be reapplied. Students who are satisfied with the factory contour of the Model 929 are welcome to keep the barrel in factory configuration.
    Topics such as caliber conversions and metal finishing will be discussed as time permits during the duration of the course.
    On the final day of class, the class will travel to a local range for test firing of the finished project revolvers!

    Tentative class date for 2017 will be July 31-Aug. 4th, 2017. Please contact us if you would like more information:

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    Re: Gunsmith Class: Custom Smith and Wesson Revolver

    Bring lots of money too.
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      Re: Gunsmith Class: Custom Smith and Wesson Revolver

      Didn't find the S&W but there are M1911 classes:
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        Re: Gunsmith Class: Custom Smith and Wesson Revolver

        Rolling your own is not what it once was. Particularly a no name pistol done by a no name builder, you can buy 1911's that work and shoot as well as anything the average 'smith can build and spend a lot less money. Back in the stone ages when all 1911's (Colt was about it) usually needed work just to function properly and pistolsmiths were few, learning to do your own work was necessary unless you were rich. I see 1911's built by Kimber, Smith and Wesson plus a few others that will shoot far better than 99%+ of shooters are capable of. Not seen a 1911 in years that wasn't capable of holing someone out to 100 yards if the nut behind the trigger did his part. How much accuracy is actually needed? Those old match guns we insisted on 2-3 inches at 50 yards, which was crazy considering what it cost to get there. But we were young and dumb, didn't mind throwing money in a big hole.
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