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NYPD publishes a How-To manual for Ghost Guns

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  • NYPD publishes a How-To manual for Ghost Guns

    If you are looking to build your very own Ghost Gun, the NYPD Intelligence Bureau has got your back:

    Although not complete or exhaustive and there are some errors. If your new to the hobby, this manual provides a well grounded intro into most "popular" aspects of untraceable firearms manufacture. They don't go so far as to reference the works of Professor Parabellum. They do go so far as to inform you what they look for so that you can avoid them.

    Is there a es' Spaniel copy? I don't know.

    NY’s Door-to-Door Crusade Against Homemade Guns Backfires, Unintentional Masterclass in Ghost-Gunsmithing
    Ammoland Inc. Posted on October 26, 2023 by John Crump