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The Ultimate (?) Gun Lube Test

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  • The Ultimate (?) Gun Lube Test

    Extensive is all I can say. I wouldn't even begin to have had a clue as to how to set this up.

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    Re: The Ultimate (?) Gun Lube Test

    Wow. No time to read the whole thing but lots of data.

    Did he draw any conclusion as to the overall best in terms of corrosion & lubrication?

    I've switched to Tetra grease. I dislike the smell, but have been very pleased with the performance. I'm shooting a lot of stuff, suppressed, and with much longer time between needed cleanings. Keeping a suppressed 22/45 running & running is a good test to me - 22 autoloaders can be finicky as-is, then increasing back pressure & gunk in the action doesn't help matters.

    On brand new guns, I notice less finish wear at the usual points where the frame & slide mate. Still wears, but at a noticeably slower pace. New guns stay looking newer, longer on the inside.

    I'm only comparing to CLP & RemOil though as those were all I used forever.
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      Re: The Ultimate (?) Gun Lube Test

      I've been buying LSA for ten bucks a quart, may not be the best or even close but its cheap and is working for me. As I've said, for years we kept AR's running just fine with old 3in1, not sure all these super lubes do that much better than the old standbys.
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        Re: The Ultimate (?) Gun Lube Test

        LSA? I agree when I can get it I use it.
        .if you find it on the net...please pass the word.


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          Re: The Ultimate (?) Gun Lube Test

          The data in the study is not bad.
          Unlike the usual lube test, this one actually measured how well a product lubricated instead of just how well it prevented rust.