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Assembling an upgraded Poverty Pony AR-15:

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  • Assembling an upgraded Poverty Pony AR-15:

    My pal Jeff likes it I got his wife an AR-15. She cares for her own chronically ill little boy and her dopehead daughter's three kids, two of whom went through three months of hellish drug withdrawal. They will have to see a psychiatrist to see if they are mentally fit for school. I had a windfall and did an upgraded parts assembly Aero Precision AR-15 for my self. I then gave her my old upgraded M&P 15 Sport 2 and numerous mags and Tac gear.

    Why? The've both been good friends to me and their youngest daughter is active U.S. navy. They also are Christians. I found Becky was knocked on her butt everytime she shot her ;12 is partially why I gave her the AR. In 2014, I bought Jeff an original Canik 55 TP9 with six magazines. Some fiend stole his TP9 from his very truck what it was parked in his very drive. I got him a TP9 DA but his original magazines donot fit a TP9DA. 18 round TP9DA magazines are impossible find. Therefore, I have committed to helping him assemble an upgraded Anderson AR-15 with improved irons but no optic.

    My first question: Who makes the best handguard removal tool? The plan is to ugrade to a Strike Industries Venom handguard on a 16 inch basic upper?
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    Update:Ordered two sets of KNS Precision push button pivot/take down pins and two ODINWORKS DIVERGE Charging handles.