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  • 3-D Printable Firearm Files

    A judge blocked DEFCAD from sharing their designs. But those designs are already on the net and there are folks willing to share.

    If you didn't get your downloads in time, do not despair. Just go to : is a publicly-available Web site for truthful, non-misleading, non-commercial speech and information that is protected under the United States Constitution. The purpose of this project is to allow people to share knowledge and empower them to exercise their fundamental, individual rights. is a project of Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, The Calguns Foundation, California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, and a number of individuals who are passionate about the Constitution and individual liberties. We wish to thank Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed for their courage, passion, innovation, and inspiration.

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    Some more goodies here. The flying Swallow Revolver looks intriguing:


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      The following links are still good:

      Download While You Can: 3D Printable AR-15 / PS-90 Combination


      MAY 21, 2013

      As we posted this morning, the Charon is a 3D printable lower receiver for the AR-15 that combines the ergonomics and solid construction of the PS-90 with the benefits of the AR-15 platform. The files for the part were released earlier today, and within hours the Dropbox account of the author was suspended for using too much bandwidth. But never fear, there’s a mirror of the files available for download. At least, until the DoJ gets wind of this and shuts it down as they did DefCad.

      The first time you press DOWNLOAD, it will send you to a page telling you that you need an account. Close that page then press DOWNLOAD again. This time it will download the 37MB zip file without issue, except that it will be a little slow:


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        Thanks Lasergunner, added to my collection.
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          FOSSCAD : The FOSSCAD community creates and releases open source computer aided designs (CAD) including, but not limited to, many of the designs seen in the DEFCAD Megapacks. This community has also been releasing the Megapacks since version 4.2 (Saito). The community’s mad-machinists make new 3d printer and filament hardware while the FOSSCADers with printers test out new designs and hardware. Hangout with FOSSCAD on the intertubez if you are new to guns, 3d printing, CAD, CNC and all things awesome.

          Their Download page is open for business. The flood gates are wide open for all of DEFCAD's files :


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            Good stuff!! I downloaded some of the files awhile back. Always good to have some. Hopefully, 3D printers will get cheaper and better.


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              Probably just a matter of time. I remember when the first ink-jet printers came out at Radio Shack. They were like $600 and change. I didn't sell a whole lot until the prices started coming down and dot matrix was old news.

              Now you can pick up a decent ink-jet for less than the cost of two new ink cartridges.
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