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An idea for a home built gun

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  • An idea for a home built gun

    With all the talk about 3 d printing guns, I've been thinking about other ways to do it.

    I was thinking that if one took multiple layers of thick gage sheet metal cut to exact diminsions, then riveted and/or bolted them together, they could make some pretty intricately machined recievers with nothing more than a band saw and drill.

    The reciever could be made to fit a template and if you screwed up that one piece you could throw it out and remake it so that each piece is perfect.

    Then they would all be bolted together through the rivet holes nd replace each bolt, one at a time, with rivets. The plates could be tack welded together for extra strength.

    Has anyone ever heard about this being done?

    What designs would lend themselves to being adapted to this construction method?